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Presented by Classyk

Hello World. For all of you that are familiar with my You Tube videos, you know that i have a passion for Hair and also a passion for fashion, and I plan to bring them both to you here in this blog!

A little about me:

My name is Classyk….I was born and raised in the wonderful world of NY, and have traveled all over the world since my birth. Im married with 1 son, and 1 son on the way( just a couple more weeks…yay!). I graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Accounting and concentration in Bus. Management, I was also a member of the US Air Force. My husband is currently deployed to Iraq, but should be returning home soon(He’s in the Navy, currently deployed with the Marines), so while he’s been gone, Ive just been keeping myself busy, doing everything that I can.

I own my very own salon in NC. It goes by the name of Classyk Styles, and to my surprise it is extremely successful! LOL… We cater to all ethnicites, and hair types, to include both Relaxed and Natural hair, and We specialize in Realistic Hair Extensions(not that ghetto mess!), Precision Cuts, Color, and Natural hair care.

Im not going to tell you all how old Iam, even though I get that question alot. I will however say that Iam old enough to have a 4 year degree, have served my time in the military, be married, and own my own business!.. and im old enough to drink, but not close to 30…Hope that helps!

So, anyways…… The purpose of this blog was to basically answer all of the questions that I receive on a daily via my YouTube channel , and from my clients. If there is any subject you want me to touch down on, or any question you have please feel free to write me. i usually respond fairly quickly.. and this site will be updated a few times a week, so check back often.

Hope you enjoy!